General Statement

Customer has the responsibility to read our terms of use before ordering our service, which is video editing. Customer is also responsible to accept these terms which are visible under our order form, if under any circumstances you are not agreeing with our terms of use then, we will not be able to process with the service.


Rights and responsibilities of the customer and the provider.

The service provider will make sure that the finished movie will be created with care and with a high standard, made by professional equipment with necessary qualifications. 


If the customer does not wish to use our music bank which is then, declares that he/she has all necessary copyrights of the music tracks that he/she wants to use.


The customer declares that the finished project created by Film Your Holidays will only be used for private purposes. 


Types of service provided

If the customer chooses a delivery option by post, he/she declares to cover all the necessary costs. 


Necessary conditions to provide our service.

The clips/materials from which the film will be made must fulfil the following: 

  • Quality of HD 720p, Full HD 1080p or 4k 2160p
  • Clips filmed horizontally
  • 25 or 24 frames per second
  • Shots lasting from 20-60 seconds

Finalization of service

It is necessary that both parties (Film Your Holidays and the customer) co-operate with each other in order to finalize the project. The customer must choose on of the 3 options provided to send the necessary material which are the video clips. The 3 options are:

  • Uploading to our Cloud
  • Sending by post
  • Uploading to client Cloud and providing us with the link


The video will be created with the music chosen by the customer, if in any case the customer won’t provide us with his/her choice, we will decide in the best interest of the customer but, it will be impossible to change it later. 


We can deliver the final film through: 

  • Uploading it to our Cloud and providing you with the link
  • Uploading it to our Youtube Channel and providing you with the link
  • Sending it by post (as stated in our terms the customer will be responsible to carry all necessary costs)


Duration of finalizing the service.

Film Your Holidays finalizes the project from 5 to 10 working days depending on the chosen package by the customer. 


Film Your Holidays reserves the right to extend the completion date from any reasons that we do not have the power over such as not receiving the material from the customer on time or failure of the equipment etc. 



When the customer provides Film Your Holidays with his/her materials it automatically means that he/she has all of the copyrights to them. 


The customer allows Film Your Holidays to use his/her finished project in marketing matters such as Youtube, Official Website or Facebook, unless states that he/she does not wish to do so. 


Film Your Holidays commits to delete all of provided materials by the customer, right after he/she accepts the final project.